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2017 Winter LR 1MBWINTER 2017-18 — Welcome to the mixed bag of treats that is our festive issue! Regular readers know we often follow one theme, but this time we’re mixing & matching with abandon, on topics from A Waiter’s Tale to The Science of Cheese. Back by popular demand, also, is an updated version of The Taster’s Very Nearly Complete History of Food — the sort of infographic you can pore over for quite a while, running important events in history alongside equally significant developments in the world of cuisine. As ever, we also have lots of pieces by and about the artisan and independent food makers and producers who add so much interest to our culinary lives.
Have a great Spring!

The TasterAUTUMN 2017 — In recognition of September’s Battle of Britain Day, and Remembrance Day in November, the theme is Wartime Food — not just for civilians (we think everyone knows about carrot cake now) but also for troops. It was an unexpectedly fascinating topic to research: as so often is the case, it sheds all sorts of light on social as well as culinary history. Plus, of course, we have seasonal cookery notes, some pieces on game and foraging, food delivery schemes, book reviews, ideas for Halloween and the second instalment of our special piece on honey and beekeeping (with the emphasis this time on the beekeeping). As ever, to grab a copy, visit

Here on the website, if you’re looking for menu ideas, take a look at our seasonal COOK series. All our issues feature only the healthiest foods, most sustainable fish, happiest pigs and chickens, farms that enhance our environment, most readable books, and — of course — the tastiest dishes. We hope that whatever you find in our pages, you can rely on to be as good as it gets.

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“Just received two copies of The Taster which featured our book Mama’s In The Kitchen. I don’t normally respond with more than a sincere thank you for the review, but I felt I had to say: what an entertaining little magazine! Well done! I hope it goes from strength to strength” — Melanie Warren, Gazelle Book Services

“My husband has loved reading the winter issue. (Him reading is unheard of, so well done you)” — Evelyn, a reader in High Wycombe

“I think this magazine is fantastic, the content is so interesting and easy to read — streets ahead of its glossy contemporaries” — Isobel Davies, Farmaround Organics

“I received a copy of your magazine today. What a breath of fresh air! It was interesting, colourful, quirky and very relevant” — Colin George, Rotigrill

Enjoy the autumn — see our list of Food Festivals as well — and remember your wellies. Have a good one,

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